New Zig-Zag Hairstyle from Styl Styk
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Styl Styk Zig Zag Hairstyle

styl styk hair part-ner

These cleverly designed hairstyling combs help women create zigzag hair parts and other new hairstyles in seconds. There are two comb designs - both were created to make styling your hair quick, easy and less frustrating.

Pony-Tail Hairstyle

The Pony-tail:

for small zig zags!

The "Pony-tail" comb has closer tips and produces smaller, tighter zigzags.
Flip-Do Hairstyle

The Flip-do:

for wide zig zags!

The "Flip-do" comb has wider tips and gives fewer, larger zigzags.

facts & benefits

  • The Styl Styk Hair Part-ner is a unique two-pronged hairstyling comb that allows you to create zigzag parts and other fuss-free styles in seconds.

  • The Styl Styk with its bright pink, two-prong styling tips is simple and easy to use. It makes styling at home fun not frustrating.

  • With the Styl Styk you can create large, medium and small parts to give hair volume, hide dark roots and produce salon results fast.

  • The Styl Styk is perfect for women of all ages and most hair types. Whether you're covering gray, hiding dark roots, or craving a young, new style, the Styl Styk does the trick.

  • The Styl Styk is gentle on the hair and scalp. It's a comfortable hairstyling tool that won't damage your hair.

  • Unlike hairstyling tools that can cost a fortune, the Styl Styk is affordable at only $11.99 for a set, including the Flip-do and the Pony-tail.

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