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Styl Styk Zig Zag Hairstyle

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Read what women are saying about this quick and easy hairstyling tool:
  • "My wife has been using the Styl Styk for over a year now. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT! She looks "Salon" styled every day. I recommend it as a great stocking stuffer!!! "
    Customer: Tim K., Ohio

  • "It's very easy! You just put it in your hair and weave"
    Customer: Joy, Mom

  • "I tried the Styl Styk (Pony-Tail Comb) on my thin, straight hair that has been parted in the same place for most of my life. I was very surprised when it produced a perfect zigzag that not only looked great, but also added volume to my hairstyle. Not to mention, it worked on the first try! Thanks for a great product."
    Customer: Mallory, Freelance designer

  • "I love this comb!! I am the only one in my school to have this and when I go to school, my friends are like how did you do that to your hair, it is soo cool! I love it!! Thanks! "
    Customer: Lauren, Student

  • "In the past, when I have shown clients how to zigzag their part with other tools, they only come back the next month to say, 'I tried, but I couldn't do it.' Your tool makes it easy for them to achieve the part time after time. The zigzag part is beneficial for many reasons. It helps to eliminate the line of demarcation when color is growing out, and the Styl Styk part also gives direction with softness. A very flattering look! I hope that many women get to enjoy the styles that they can achieve with this great new tool and have fun doing it."
    Customer: Pam, Salon Owner / Stylist

  • "I like the fact that my 12-year-old daughter can style her own hair instead of having me attempt to manually get it right!"
    Customer: Mary Ann, Mom

  • "Very, very easy and quick! I like the comfort tips."
    Customer: Laura, Mom

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