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Styl Styk Zig Zag Hairstyle

our story: about chrissy

Chrissy Knuth Sparrow
Chrissy Knuth Sparrow,
Inventor of the Styl Styk Hair Part-ner.
Photo Credit:
Clifford Norton Photography
Sometimes a bad hair day can inspire true creativity. Chrissy Knuth Sparrow, creator of the Styl Styk Hair Part-ner, developed this innovative hair tool out of the need to combat grown out roots in between coloring appointments.

After calling her local hair salon in Chagrin Falls, Ohio for an appointment, Chrissy discovered her stylist was completely booked and could not touch-up her roots. Luckily, Chrissy's stylist clued her in on a hairdressing secret often used by celebrity hairdressers--a zigzagged part, which hides dark roots and extends the look of hair color.

Chrissy loved the tip, but trying to achieve a professional result on her own at home proved to be a challenge. "I've spent many mornings in front of the mirror trying to part my hair like my stylist, but I could never quite get it right and always ended up being frustrated". Chrissy also tried other hair parting products, with little or no success which also added to her disappointment.

Then one morning, when her usual rat tail comb could not be found and she grabbed an old hair pin from the bathroom drawer to part her hair. "I could not believe my eyes. My chin hit the floor; by mistake I had stumbled on a way that I could part my hair like a professional."

Chrissy's first prototype was her hair pin taped to one of her son's school pencils. She carried it with her always. Her husband, unbeknownst to her hired an engineer and had a real prototype made for his wife (which he wrapped in her stocking and gave to her at Christmas)

She proudly began using her invention and learned that other customers at the salon were also struggling with trying to part their hair and in fact, would stop in for lessons. With the knowledge that others were having the same problem…the idea to create a new hairstyling tool to help women was born.

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